Rasta Rita

Rasta Rita is the premiere gourmet taco catering company in Southern California. It was founded in 2007 by Melendez after taking a trip to Jamaica. After longing for tortillas, salsa and cilantro after every stop by a roadside chicken stand, Melendez came up with the name, concept and inspiration to launch Rasta Taco. A departure from his design background, Melendez has enjoyed the ride and rise of the company as the original taco cart catering company in the region. Carts are fashioned after authentic Mexican street-style taco carts and the recognizable logo with Jamaican/Rasta motif draws people in. The dishes, however, keep them coming back. Typical Rasta Taco items such as Caribbean Carne Asada, Jamaican Chicken and the company's signature sauces have developed a cult following in the region.